Homebrew Competition


This year’s winners are:

Hoppy – Joel Tebbe from New Bremen
Light – Canal Street Brewing (Robert Kosch and Zak Hurley) from New Bremen
Dark and Best In Show! – Brett & Ben out of Anna

Thank you to all who participated and I hope you can make it back next year!

*New shirt designs this year!



Information for the competition:

  • What are the categories of beer? – We will have 4 categories this year – Light, Dark, Hoppy and Pumpkin. Each category will be judged by one of our local breweries – Moeller Brew Barn, Tailspin Brewing Co, Lake Rat Brewing and Gongoozlers Beer.  ***(Depending on how many people sign up for each category, we may have to change the categories a little. We will let every participant know by email what category they will be in the week before the event.)
  • What is the prize for winning? – Each category winner will get a medal. The OVERALL winner of the competition will get a trophy and the opportunity to brew their beer at Lake Rat Brewing and have it sold there!**
  • Is there any limits on the number of entries? – There will be a limit of 10 entries per category (40 total) so that our judges don’t get too tipsy! Because of the limit, the sooner you sign up the better. Because of these limits, please limit the entries to one beer per person per category. So each person could enter one beer per category if wanted. Check back here for updates on when categories are about to fill up.
  • What is the cost of entry? – The cost will be $20 per entry. This will include a t shirt with every entry.
  • What do I need to bring for the entry? – Each entry will need to bring two 12oz unmarked brown bottles of that beer. These bottles will need to be dropped off at Pumpkinfest by 6:30pm on Friday September 27th. Please contact us for alternate drop off times earlier in the week if that doesn’t work for you.
  • How many winners will there be? – There will be two round of judging. Each category will have a winner picked by the judges for that category. Then the winning beer from each category will be tasted by ALL of the judges to determine an OVERALL winner!
  • When will the winners be announced? – The winners will be announced Friday night around 9pm.
  • How will the beers be judged? – We will be using the official BJCP scoring sheets, that will be available for the people to take home with the comments filled out. Because of this, you will be required to specify which official beer style your beer is supposed to be and it will be judged against that.

**Winner will have the chance to go to Lake Rat Brewing and help brew their recipe. Their beer will be sold there, although the winner will not get any money from the sale of their beer. This is not required though if the winner chooses not to participate in this.


Here are the results from the 2018 competition!

Hoppy category winner – Tony Eyink from New Bremen, OH

Light category winner – St Hank’s Brewery from St Henry, OH

Dark category winner – Ryan Meyer from Versailles, OH

Pumpkin category winner – Scott Steineman and Dwight Inkrott from New Bremen, OH

OVERALL WINNER – Tony Eyink from New Bremen, OH